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9. Amendment of bye-laws of a multi-State Cooperative Society.- (1) No amendment of any bye-laws of a multi-State Cooperative society shall be valid, unless such amendment has been registered under this Act.

(2) Every proposal for such amendment shall be forwarded to the Central Registrar and if the Central Registrar is satisfied that the proposed amendment -

(a) is not contrary to the provisions of this Act or of the rules;

(b) does not conflict with cooperative principles; and

(c) will promote the economic interests of the members of the multi-State cooperative society, he may register the amendment within a period of six months from the date of receipt thereof by him.

Provided that if the Central Registrar is unable to register the amendment within the period aforesaid he shall make a report to the Central Government stating therein the reasons for his inability to do so, and the Central Government may allow him such further period or periods as is considered necessary to register the amendment.

(3) The Central Registrar shall forward to the multi-State cooperative society a copy of the registered amendment together with a certificate signed by him and such certificate shall be conclusive evidence that the amendment has been duly registered.

(4) Where the Central Registrar refuses to register an amendment of the bye-laws of a multi-State cooperative society, he shall communicate the order of refusal together with the reasons therefor to the Chief Executive of the society in the manner prescribed within seven days from the date of such refusal.





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