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69. Inquiry by Central Registrar.- (1) The Central Registrar may, of his own motion or on the application of a majority of the members of the board or of not less than one third of the members, hold an inquiry or direct some person authorised by him by order in writing in this behalf to hold an inquiry into the constitution, working and financial condition of a multi-State cooperative society.

(2) The Central Registrar or the person authorised by him under sub-section (1) shall have the following powers, namely;

(a) he shall at all reasonable times have free access to the books, accounts, documents, securities, cash and other properties belonging to or in the custody of the multi-State cooperative society and may summon any person in possession or responsible for the custody of any such book, accounts, documents, securities, cash or other properties to produce the same, at any place specified by him;

(b) he may, notwithstanding any rules or bye-laws specifying the period of notice for a general meeting of the multi-State cooperative society, require the officers of the society to call a general meeting of the society by giving notice of not less than seven days at such time and place at the headquarters of the society to consider such matters, as may be directed by him; and where the officers of the society refuse or fail to call such a meeting he shall have power to call it himself;

(c) he may summon any person who is reasonably believed by him to have any knowledge of the affairs of the multi-State cooperative society to appear before him at any place at the headquarters of the society or any branch thereof and may examine such person on oath.

(3) Any meeting called under clause (b) of sub-section (2) shall have all the powers of a general meeting of the society called under the bye-laws of the society and its proceedings shall be regulated by such bye-laws.

(4) The Central Registrar shall, within a period of three months of the date of receipt, communicate a brief summary of the report of the inquiry to the multi-State cooperative society, the financial institutions, if any, to which the society is affiliated, and to the person or authority, if any, at whose instance the inquiry is made.





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