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61. Disposal of net profits.- (1) A multi-State cooperative society shall out of its net profits in any year -

(a) transfer an amount not less than twenty-five per cent to the reserve fund, and

(b) credit such portion, as may be prescribed, to the cooperative education fund maintained by the National Cooperative Union of India Limited, New Delhi.

(2) Subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, the balance of the net profits may be utilized for all or any of the following purposes, namely;

(a) payment of dividend to members on their paid-up share capital at a rate not exceeding the prescribed limit;

(b) constitution of, or contribution to, such special funds including education funds, as may be specified in the bye-laws;

(c) donation of amount not exceeding five per cent of the net profits for any purpose as defined in section 2 of the Charitable Endowments Act, 1890;

(d) payment of ex gratia amount to employees of the multi-State cooperative society to the extent and in the manner specified in the bye-laws.

(3) The funds of a multi-State cooperative society shall not be utilised for any political purpose.





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