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45. Powers and functions of Chief Executive.- The Chief Executive shall exercise the powers and discharge the functions, specified below, namely:-

(a) day to day management of the business of the multi-State Cooperative society;

(b) operating the accounts of the multi-State cooperative society and be responsible for making arrangements for safe custody of cash;

(c) signing of the documents for and on behalf of the multi-State cooperative society;

(d) making arrangements for the proper maintenance of various books and records of the multi-State cooperative society and for the correct preparation, timely submission of periodical statements and returns in accordance with the provisions of this Act, the rules and the bye-laws;

(e) convening meetings of the general body of the multi-State cooperative society, the board and the Executive Committee and other committees or sub-committees constituted under sub-section (1) of Section 46 and maintaining proper records for such meetings;

(f) making appointments to posts in the multi-State cooperative society in accordance with the rules made under clause (e) of Sub-section (2) of section 42 except the posts in relation to which the power of appointment vests in the board under Clause (d) of that sub-section;

(g) assisting the board in the formulation of policies and objectives and planning;

(h) furnishing to the board periodical information necessary for appraising the operations and functions of the multi-State cooperative society;

(i) performing such other duties, and exercising such other powers, as may be prescribed or as may be specified in the bye-laws of the multi-State cooperative society.





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