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35. Election of members of board.- (1) The superintendence, direction and control of the preparation of the electoral rolls for, and the conduct of, elections of the members of the board of such multi-State cooperative societies or class of multi-State cooperative societies as the Central Government may, by general or special order, notify, shall be vested in such returning officers as may be appointed by the Central Registrar in this behalf.

(2) The vote at such elections shall be by secret ballot.

(3) The term of office of the elected members of the board shall be such, not exceeding three years from the date of election, as may be specified in the bye-laws of a multi-State cooperative society:

Provided that the elected members shall continue to hold office till their successors are elected or nominated under the provisions of this Act or the rules or the bye-laws and assume the charge of their office.

(4) No person shall be eligible to be elected as a member of the board of a multi-State cooperative society unless he is a member of the general body of that society.

(5) The Central Government may make rules generally to provide for or to regulate matters in respect of elections of members of the board.





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