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31. Special general meeting of the general body.- (1) The Chief Executive may, at any time, on the direction of the board, call a special general meeting of the society and shall call such meeting within one month after the receipt of a requisition in writing from the Central Registrar or from such member or members or a proportion of the total number of members, as may be provided in the bye-laws.

(2) If a special general meeting of a multi-State cooperative society is not called in accordance with the requisition referred to in sub-section (1), the Central Registrar or any person authorised by him in this behalf shall have the power to call such meeting and that meeting shall be deemed to be a meeting called by the Chief Executive in accordance with the provisions of that sub-section and the Central Registrar may order that the expenditure incurred in calling such meeting shall be paid out of the funds of the society or by such person or persons who, in the opinion of the Central Registrar, was or were responsible for the refusal or failure to convene the special general meeting.





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