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30. Annual general meeting of the general body.- (1) Every multi-State cooperative society shall, within such period as may be prescribed, after the close of the year, call a general meeting of its members in the manner prescribed for the purpose of -

(a) consideration of the audit report and annual report;

(b) disposal of net profits;

(c) approval of the programme of activities for the ensuing year;

(d) amendment of bye-laws;

(e) election, if any, of the members of the board, other than nominated members, subject to the provisions of section 35;

Provided that the Central Registrar may by general and special order, extend the period for holding such meeting for a further period not exceeding three months.

Provided further that if in the opinion of the Central Registrar no such extension is necessary or such meeting is not called by the multi-State cooperative society within the extended period, if any, granted by him, the Central Registrar or any person authorised by him in this behalf may call such meeting in the manner prescribed, and that meeting shall be deemed to be a general meeting duly called by the society and the Central Registrar may order that expenditure incurred in calling such a meeting shall be paid out of the funds of the society or by such person or persons who, in the opinion of the Central Registrar, was or were responsible for the refusal or failure to convene the general meeting.

(2) At every annual general meeting of a multi-State cooperative society the board shall lay before the society a statement showing the details of the loans or goods on credit, if any, given to any of the members of the board or to the spouse or a son or daughter of a member of the board during the preceding year or outstanding against him or against such spouse or son or daughter of the member of the board.





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