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105. Bar of jurisdiction of courts.- (1) Save as otherwise provided in this Act, no court shall have jurisdiction in respect of -

(a) the registration of a multi-State cooperative society or its bye-laws or of an amendment of the bye-laws;

(b) the removal of board of directors;

(c) any dispute required under section 74 to be referred to the Central Registrar; and

(d) any matter concerning the winding up and the dissolution of a multi State cooperative society.

(2) While a multi-State cooperative society is being wound up, no suit or other legal proceedings relating to the business of such society, shall be proceeded with or instituted against the liquidator or against the society or any member thereof, except by leave of the Central Registrar and subject to such terms and conditions as he may impose.

(3) Save as otherwise provided in this Act, no decision or order made under this Act shall be questioned in any court.





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