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(See Section 3 (m) and 104)

List of national cooperative societies

1. National Cooperative Land Development Banks Federation Limited, Hyderabad.

2. National Federation of State Cooperative Banks Limited, Bombay.

3. National Cooperative Union of India Limited, New Delhi.

4. National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited, New Delhi.

5. National Cooperative Consumers' Federation of India Limited, New Delhi.

6. National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited, New Delhi.

7. National Federation of Industrial Cooperatives Limited, New Delhi.

8. National Cooperative Housing Federation Limited, New Delhi.

9. Indian Farmers' Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, New Delhi.

10. All India Federation of Cooperative Spinning Mills Limited, Bombay.

11. All India Industrial Cooperative Banks' Federation Limited, Bangalore.

12. National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India Limited, New Delhi.

13. Petrofils Cooperative Limited, New Delhi.

14. National Heavy Engineering Cooperative Limited, New Delhi.

15. The All India Handloom Fabrics Marketing Cooperative Society Limited, Bombay.

16. The National Federation of Urban Cooperative Banks and Credit Societies Limited, New Delhi.

17. Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited, New Delhi.

18. National Federation of Fishermen's Cooperative Limited, New Delhi.

19. National Federation of Labour Cooperatives Limited, New Delhi.

20. National Cooperative Tobacco Growers' Federation Limited, Anand.





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