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Bare acts > Minimum Wages (Central) Rules, 1950 > Rule 9


9. Cessation and restoration of membership.- (1) If a member of the Committee, Advisory Committee, or the Board fails to attend three consecutive meetings, he shall, subject to the provisions of sub-rule (2), cease to be a member thereof.

(2) A person, who ceases to be a member under sub-rule (1) shall be given intimation of such ceassation by a letter sent to him by registered post within fifteen days from the date of such cessation. The letter shall indicate that if he desires restoration of his membership, he may apply therefor within thirty days from the receipt of such letter. The application for restoration of membership, if received within the said period, shall be placed before the Committee, the Advisory Committee or the Board, as the case ma y be, and if a majority of members present at the next meeting is satisfied that the reasons for failure to attend three consecutive meetings are adequate, the member shall be restored to membership immediately after a resolution or to that effect is adopted.





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