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Bare acts > Minimum Wages (Central) Rules, 1950 > Rule 30


30. Costs.- (1) The Authority, for reasons to be recorded in writing, may direct that the cost of any proceeding before it shall not follow the event.

(1) The costs which may be awarded shall include,-

(i) expenses incurred on account of court-fees;

(ii) expenses incurred on subsistence money to witness; and

(iii) pleader's fees to the extent of ten rupees provided that the Authority in any proceeding may reduce the fees to a sum not less than five rupees or for reasons to be recorded in writing increase it to a sum not exceeding twenty-five rupees.

(3) Where there are more than one pleaders or more than one applicants or opponents the Authority may, subject as aforesaid, award to the successful party or parties such costs as it may deem proper.





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