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36. Contracts or chief agents and special agents to terminate.- Notwithstanding anything contained in the Insurance Act or in any other law for the time being in force every contract appertaining to controlled business subsisting immediately before the appointed day,

(a) between an insurer and his chief agent or between an insurer and a special agent; or

(b) between the chief agent of an insurer and a special agent;

shall as from the appointed day, cease to have effect and all rights accruing to the chief agent or the special agent under any such contract shall terminate on that day:

Provided that in every such case compensation shall be given by the Corporation to the chief agent or the special agent, as the case may be, in accordance with the principles contained in the Third Schedule, and the provisions of sub-section (2) of section 16 shall, so far as may be, apply in every such case.





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