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Bare acts > Land Acquisition (Companies) Rules, 1963 > Rule 8


8. Conditions under which sanction may be given for transfer of land.- Where a company for which land has been acquired under the Act applies for the previous sanction of the appropriate Government for the transfer of that land or any part thereof by sale, gift, lease or otherwise, no such sanction shall be given unless—

(i) the proposed transfer of land along with dwelling houses, amenities, buildings or work, if any, is to some other company or where the company is a co-operative society, such transfer is to any or all of its members, or

(ii) where the land has been acquired for the erection of the dwelling houses for workmen employed by the company, the proposed transfer of the land along with dwelling houses, if any, is to such workmen or their dependent heirs :

Provided that before giving any such sanction the appropriate Government shall consult the Committee.





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