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36. Sanction of amalgamation and transfer by Authority.- (1) When any application, such as, is referred to in sub section (3) of Section 35 is made to the Authority, the Authority shall cause, if for special reasons he so directs, notice of the application to be sent to every person resident in India who is the holder of a life policy of any insurer concerned and shall cause a statement of the nature and terms of the amalgamation or transfer, as the case may be, to be published in such manner and for such period as he may direct, and, after hearing the directors and such policy holders as apply to be heard and other persons whom he considers entitled to be heard, may approve the arrangement, he is satisfied no sufficient objection to the arrangement has been established 4 lend shall make such consequential orders as are necessary to give effect to the arrangement, including orders as to the disposal of any deposit made under Section 7 or Section 98:

Provided that

(a ) no part of the deposit made by any party to the amalgamation or transfer shall be returned except where, after effect is given to the arrangement, the whole of the deposit to be made by the insurer carrying on the amalgamated business or the person to whom the business is transferred is completed,

(b) only so much shall be returned as is no longer required to complete the deposit last mentioned in C1ause (a), and

(c) while the deposit last mentioned in Clause (a) remains uncompleted, on accession, resulting from the arrangement, to the amount already deposited by the insurer carrying on the amalgamated business or the person to whom the business is transferred shall be appropriated as payment or part payment of any instalment of deposit subsequently due from him under Section 7 or Section 98.

(2) If the arrangement involves a reduction of the amount of the insurance and other contracts of the transferor insurer or of any or all of the insurers concerned in the amalgamation, the Authority may approve the arrangement, reducing the amount of such contracts upon such terms and subject to such conditions as he may think proper, and the reduction of contracts as approved by the Authority shall be valid end binding on all the parties concerned.





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