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18-G. Power to control supply, distribution, price, etc., of certain articles.- (1) The Central Government, so far as it appears to it to be necessary or expedient for securing the equitable distribution and availability at fair prices of any article or class of articles relatable to any scheduled industry, may, notwithstanding anything contained in any other provision of this Act, by notified order, provide for regulating the supply and distribution thereof and trade and commerce therein.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the powers conferred by sub-section (1), a notified order made thereunder may provide-

(a) for controlling the prices at which any such article or class thereof may be bought or sold;

(b) for regulating by licences, permits or otherwise the distribution, transport, disposal, acquisition, possession, use or consumption of any such article or class thereof;

(c) for prohibiting the withholding from sale of any such article or class thereof ordinarily kept for sale;

(d) for requiring any person manufacturing, producing or holding in stock such article or class thereof to sell the whole or the part of the articles so manufactured or produced during a specified period or to sell the whole or a part of the article so held in stock to such person or class of persons and in such circumstances as may be specified in the order;

(e) for regulating or prohibiting any class of commercial or financial transactions relating to such article or class thereof which in the opinion of the authority making the order are, or if unregulated are likely to be, detrimental to public interest;

(f) for requiring persons engaged in the distribution and trade and commerce in any such article or class thereof to mark the articles exposed or intended for sale with the sale price or to exhibit at some easily accessible place on the premises the price-lists of articles held for sale and also to similarly exhibit on the first day of every month, at such other time as may be prescribed, a statement of the total quantities of any such articles in stock;

(g) for collecting any information or statistics with a view to regulating or prohibiting any of the aforesaid matters; and

(h) for any incidental or supplementary matters, including, in particular, the grant of issue of licences, permits, or other documents and charging of fees therefor.

(3) Where in pursuance of any order made with reference to clause (d) of sub-section (2), any person sells any article, there shall be paid to him the price therefor-

(a) where the price can consistently with the controlled price, if any, be fixed by agreement, the price so agreed upon;

(b) where no such agreement can be reached, the price calculated with reference to the controlled price, if any, fixed under this section;

(c) where neither clause (a) nor clause (b) applies, the price calculated at the market-rate prevailing in the locality at the date of sale.

(4) No order made in exercise of any power conferred by this section shall be called in question in any Court.

(5) Where an order purports to have been made and signed by an authority in exercise of any power conferred by this section, a Court shall, within the meaning of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (1 of 1872), presume that such order was so made by that authority.

Explanation.-In this section, the expression "article or class of articles "relatable to any scheduled industry includes any article or class of articles imported into India which is of the same nature or description as the article or class of articles manufactured or produced in the scheduled industry.





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