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[See Section 6(4)]

Functions which may be assigned to Development Councils:

(1) Recommending targets for production, co-ordinating production programmes and reviewing progress from time to time.

(2) Suggesting norms of efficiency with a view to eliminating waste, obtaining maximum production, improving quality and reducing costs.

(3) Recommending measures for securing the fuller utilisation of the installed capacity and for improving the working of the industry, particularly of the less efficient units.

(4) Promoting arrangements for better marketing and helping in the devising of a system of distribution and sale of the produce of the industry which would be satisfactory to the consumer.

(5) Promoting standardisation of products.

(6) Assisting in the distribution of controlled materials and promoting arrangements for obtaining materials for the industry.

(7) Promoting or undertaking inquiry as to materials and equipment and as to methods of production, management and labour utilisation, including the discovery and development of new materials, equipment and methods and of improvements in those already in use, the assessment of the advantages of different alternatives and the conduct of experimental establishments and of tests on a commercial scale.

(8) Promoting the training of persons engaged or proposing engagement in the industry and their education in technical or artistic subjects relevant thereto.

(9) Promoting the retraining in alternative occupations of personnel engaged in or retrenched from the industry.

(10) Promoting or undertaking scientific and industrial research, research into matters affecting industrial psychology and research into matters relating to production and to the consumption or use of goods and services supplied by the industry.

(11) Promoting improvements and standardisation of accounting and. costing methods and practice.

(12) Promoting or undertaking the collection and formulation of statistics.

(13) Investigating possibilities of decentralising stages and processes of production with a view to encouraging the growth of allied small-scale and cottage industries.

(14) Promoting the adopting of measures for increasing the productivity of labour, including measures for securing safer and better working conditions and the provision and improvement of amenities and incentives for workers.

(15) Advising on any matters relating to the industry (other than remuneration and conditions of employment) as to which the Central Government may request the Development Council to advise and undertaking inquiries for the purpose of enabling the Development Council so to advise, and

(16) Undertaking arrangements for making available to the industry information obtained and for advising on matters with which the Development Councils are concerned in the exercise of any of their functions.





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