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26. Telegraph officer or other official making away with or altering, or unlawfully intercepting or disclosing messages, or divulging purport of signals.- If any telegraph officer, or any person, not being a telegraph officer but having official duties connected with any office which is used as a telegraph office,-

(a) wilfully secretes, makes away with or alters any message which he has received for transmission or delivery, or

(b) wilfully, and otherwise than in obedience to an order of the Central Government or of a State Government, or of an officer specially authorised by the Central or a State Government to make the order, omits to transmit or intercepts or detains, any message or any part thereof, or otherwise than in pursuance of his official duty or in obedience to the direction of a competent court, discloses the contents or any part of the contents of any message, to any person not entitled to receive the same, or

(c) divulges the purport of any telegraphic signal to any person not entitled to become acquainted with the same, he shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine, or with both.





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