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97. Effect of words describing a class added to bequest to person.- Where property is bequeathed to a person, and words are added which describe a class of persons but do not denote them as direct objects of a distinct and independent gift, such person is entitled to the whole interest of the testator therein, unless a contrary intention appears by the will.


(i) A bequest is made--

to A and his children,

to A and his children by his present wife,

to A and his heirs,

to A and the heirs of his body,

to A and the heirs male of his body,

to A and the heirs female of his body,

to A and his issue, to A and his family,

to A and his descendants,

to A and his representatives,

to A and his personal representatives,

to A, his executors and administrators.

In each of these cases, A takes the whole interest which the testator had in the property.

(ii) A bequest is made to A and his brothers. A and his brothers are jointly entitled to the legacy.

(iii) A bequest is made to A for life and after his death to his issue. At the death of A the property belongs in equal shares to all persons who then answer the description of issue of A.





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