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367. Transfer of assets from India to executor or administrator in country of domicile for distribution.- Where a person not having his domicile in India has died leaving assets both in India and in the country in which he had his domicile at the time of his death, and there has been a grant of probate or letters of administration in India with respect to the assets there and a grant of administration in the country of domicile with respect to the assets in that country, the executor or administrator, as the case may be, in India, after having given such notices as are mentioned in section 360, and after having discharged, at the expiration of the time therein named, such lawful claims as he knows of, may, instead of himself distributing any surplus or residue of the deceased's property to persons residing out of India who are entitled thereto, transfer, with the consent of the executor or administrator, as the case may be, in the country of domicile, the surplus or residue to him for distribution to those persons.





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