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222. Probate only to appointed executor.- (1) Probate shall be granted only to an executor appointed by the will.

(2) The appointment may be expressed or by necessary implication.


(i) A wills that C be his executor if B will not. B is appointed executor by implication.

(ii) A gives a legacy to B and several legacies to other persons, among the rest to his daughter-in-law C, and adds "but should the within-named C be not living I do constitute and appoint B my whole and sole executrix". C is appointed executrix by implication.

(iii) A appoints several persons executors of his will and codicils and his nephew residuary legatee, and in another codicil are these words,--"I appoint my nephew my residuary legatee to discharge all lawful demands against my will and codicils signed of different dates". The nephew is appointed an executor by implication.





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