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54. Registration of marriages solemnized under Part V. — After the solemnization of any marriage under this Part, the Marriage Registrar present at such solemnization shall forthwith register the marriage in duplicate; that is to say, in a marriage register book, according to the form of the Fourth Schedule hereto annexed, and also in a certificate attached to the marriage register book as a counterfoil.

The entry of such marriage in both the certificate and the marriage register book shall be signed by the person by or before whom the marriage has been solemnized, if there be any such person, and by the Marriage Registrar present at such marriage, whether, or not it is solemnized by him, and also by the parties married and attested by two credible witnesses other than the Marriage Registrar and person solemnizing the marriage.

Every such entry shall be made in order from the beginning to the end of the book, and the number of the certificate shall correspond with that of the entry in the marriage register book.





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