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Bare acts > Income-tax Settlement Commission (Procedure) Rules, 1997
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Income-tax Settlement Commission (Procedure) Rules, 1997

1.Short title and Commencement
3.Language of the Commission
4.Signing of notices etc
5.Procedure for filing settlement application
6.Commissioner's report etc. under section 245D(1)
7.Preparation of paper books etc
8.Filing of affidavit
9.Commissioner's further report
10.Date and place for hearing of application to be notified
11.Sitting of Bench
12.Powers of a Bench
13.Constitution of Special Bench
14.Filing of authorization
15.Verification of additional facts
16.Proceedings not open to the public
17.Publication of orders of the Special Bench
18.Adjournment of hearings
19.Special provisions in respect of settlement application made before 1st day of October, 1984

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