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Bare acts > Income-Tax (Appellate Tribunal) Rules, 1963 > Rule 4A


4A. Powers and functions of the Registrar.- (1) The Registrar/ Deputy Registrar/Assistant Registrar shall have the custody of records of the Tribunal and shall exercise such other functions including weeding out of old records as may be assigned to him under these rules by the President, Senior Vice-President, Vice-President of the concerned Zone or Senior Member of the Bench.

(2) Subject to any general or special order of the President, the Registrar shall have the following powers and duties, namely:

(i) to receive all appeals and reference applications and miscellaneous applications for stay as well as the other documents including applications for early hearings, transfer of appeals, applications for adjournment;

(ii) to endorse on such appeals and applications the date of receipt for the purpose of calculating limitation and the amount of fee received;

(iii) to scrutinize all appeals and applications so received to find out whether they are in conformity with rules;

(iv) to point out defects in such appeals and applications to the parties requiring them to rectify by affording reasonable opportunity and, if within the time so granted defects are not rectified, to obtain the orders of the Bench for the return of the appeals and applications;

(v) to check whether the appeal or appeals are barred by limitation and, if so, intimate the party and place the matter before the Bench for orders;

4(va) to send the memo of appeals, applications, petitions along with enclosures to the opposite party (respondents) within a reasonable time from their institution by the applicant/Department and to receive cross objection on the appeal filed by the applicant/ Department and to carry out similar functions as indicated in sub-rules (ii) to (v) of this rule;

(vi) subject to the directions of the President, Senior Vice-President, Vice-President and Senior Member of the Bench, to fix the date of hearing of the appeals and applications and direct the issue of notices therefor;

(vii) to ensure that sufficient number of cases are fixed before the Bench or Benches under the directions of the President, Senior Vice-President, Vice-President or Senior Member, as the case may be;

(viii) to bring on record legal representatives, in case of death of any party, to the proceedings;

(ix) to verify the service of notice or other processes and to ensure that the parties are properly served, after obtaining the orders of the Bench whenever required for substituted service;

(x) to requisition records from the custody of any authority;

(xi) to allow inspection of records of the Tribunal;

(xii) to return the documents filed by any authority on orders of the Bench;

(xiii) to consolidate the appeals relating to the same assessee or the same issue or for any reason on the direction of the President, Senior Vice-President, Vice-President or Senior Member;

(xiv) to fix cases out of turn on the direction of the President, Senior Vice-President, Vice President or Senior Member; (xv) to certify and issue copies of the orders of the Tribunal to the parties;

(xvi) to grant certified copies of documents filed in the proceedings to the parties, in accordance with the rules;

(xvii) to grant certified copies of the orders of Tribunal for publication, in accordance with the rules;

(xviii) to segregate cases to be heard by Single Member and fix them for hearing separately;

(xix) to ensure that remand reports are submitted in time whenever called for by the Bench by issuing necessary reminders to the authority concerned;

(xx) to obtain orders of the Bench on applications for withdrawal of appeals and applications and put up before the Bench;

(xxi) to refund the institution fee on the direction of the Bench.





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