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Bare acts > Income-Tax (Appellate Tribunal) Rules, 1963 > Rule 18


18. Preparation of paper books, etc.- (1) If the appellant or the respondent as the case may be, proposes to refer or rely upon any document or statements or other papers on the file of or referred to in the assessment or appellate orders, he may submit a paper book in duplicate containing such papers duly indexedand paged at least a day before the date of hearing of the appeal along with proof of service of a copy of the same on the other side at least a week before:

Provided, however, the Bench may in an appropriate case condone the delay and admit the paper book.

(2) The Tribunal may suo motu direct the preparation of a paper book in triplicate by and at the cost of the appellant or the respondent containing copies of such statements, papers and documents as it may consider necessary for the proper disposal of the appeal.

(3) The papers referred to in sub-rule (1) above must always be legibly written or type-written in double space or printed. If xerox copy of a document is filed, then the same should be legible. Each paper should be certified as true copy by the party filing the same, or his authorised representative and indexed in such a manner as to give the brief description of the relevance of the document, with page numbers and the Authority before whom it was filed.

(4) The additional evidence, if any, shall not form part of the same paper book. If any party desires to file additional evidence, then the same shall be filed by way of a separate paper book containing such particulars as are referred to in sub-rule (3) accompanied by an application stating the reasons for filing such additional evidence.

(5) The parties shall not be entitled to submit any supplementary paper book, except with the leave of the Bench.

(6) Documents that are referred to and relied upon by the parties during the course of arguments shall alone be treated as part of the record of the Tribunal.

(7) Paper/paper books not conforming to the above rules are liable to be ignored.





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