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Bare acts > Income Tax Act, 1961
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[See section 35E]


1. Aluminium ores.

2. Apatite and phosphatic ores.

3. Beryl.

4. Chrome ore.

5. Coal and lignite.

6. Columbite, Samarskite and other minerals of the “rare earths” group.

7. Copper.

8. Gold.

9. Gypsum.

10. Iron ore.

11. Lead.

12. Manganese ore.

13. Molybdenum.

14. Nickel ores.

15. Platinum and other precious metals and their ores.

16. Pitchblende and other uranium ores.

17. Precious stones.

18. Rutile.

19. Silver.

20. Sulphur and its ores.

21. Tin.

22. Tungsten ores.

23. Uraniferous allanite, monazite and other thorium minerals.

24. Uranium bearing tailings left over from ores after extraction of copper and gold, ilmenite and other titanium ores.

25. Vanadium ores.

26. Zinc.

27. Zircon.


1. Apatite, Beryl, Cassiterite, Columbite, Emerald, Felspar, Lepidolite, Mica, Pitchblende, Quartz, Samarskite, Scheelite, Topaz, Tantalite, Tourmaline.

2. Iron, Manganese, Titanium, Vanadium and Nickel minerals.

3. Lead, Zinc, Copper, Cadmium, Arsenic, Antimony, Bismuth, Cobalt, Nickel, Molybdenum, and Uranium minerals, and Gold and Silver, Arsinopyrite, Chalcopyrite, Pyrite, Pyphrotite and Pentalandite.

4. Chromium, Osmiridium, Platinum and Nickel minerals.

5. Kyanite, Sillimanite, Corrundum, Dumortierite and Topaz.

6. Gold, Silver, Tellurium, Selenium and Pyrite.

7. Barytes, Fluorite, Chalcocite, Selenium, and minerals of Zinc, Lead and Silver.

8. Tin and Tungsten minerals.

9. Limestone, Dolomite and Magnesite.

10. Ilmenite, Monazite, Zircon, Rutile, Garnet and Sillimanite.

11. Sulphides of Copper and Iron.

12. Coal, Fireclay and Shale.

13. Magnetite and Apatite.

14. Magnesite and Chromite.

15. Talc (Soapstone and Steatite) and Dolomite.

16. Bauxite, Laterite, Aluminous Clays, Lithomorge, Titanium, Vanadium, Gallium and Columbium minerals.]

Section 80A-115JFSection 115K-181
Section 182-260BSection 261-298
First ScheduleSecond Schedule
Third ScheduleFourth Schedule
Fifth ScheduleSixth Schedule
Seventh ScheduleEighth Schedule
Ninth ScheduleTenth Schedule
Eleventh ScheduleTwelfth Schedule
Thirteenth ScheduleFourteenth Schedule


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