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Bare acts > Hire-Purchase Act, 1972 > Section 21


21. Relief against termination for non-payment of hire.- Where the owner, after he has terminated the hire-purchase agreement in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (1) of section 18, institutes a suit or makes an application against the hirer for the recovery of the goods, and at the hearing of the suit or application, the hirer pays or tenders to the owner the hire in arrears, together with such interest thereon as may be payable under the terms of the agreement and the costs of the suit or application incurred by the owner and complies with such other conditions, if any, as the court may think fit to impose, the court may, in lieu of making a decree or order for specific delivery, pass an order relieving the hirer against the termination, and thereupon the hirer shall continue in possession of the goods as if the agreement has not been terminated.





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