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Bare acts > Food Corporations Rules, 1965 > Rule 11


11. Method of appointments, conditions of service and scale of pay of Secretary.- (1) A Secretary of the Corporation may be appointed from among the Indian Administrative Service, Central Secretariat Service or other Central Service Class I or from officers of Food Corporation of India.

(2) The post of Secretary of the Corporation shall carry scale of pay of Rs.14,300-400-18,300 in CDA and Rs. 7000-275-8100-300-9600 in IDA pattern.

(i) where an officer belonging to the Indian Administrative Service is appointed as Secretary, his pay will be fixed under the provisions of the Indian Administrative (Pay) Rules, 1954.

(ii) In case of appointment is from other Central Service or Central Secretariat Service, the officer will be entitled to his grade pay plus deputation allowance as admissible under the general orders issued by the Government from time to time or the pay scales prescribed whichever he opts.

(3) In addition to pay, the Secretary shall be entitled to the following:-

(i) dearness allowances, children education allowance, leave travel concession (except the local allowance like city compensatory allowance, house rent allowance, etc.) in the case of persons drawn from other services, in accordance with the allowances and facilities admissible to him in the service to which he belongs and in the case of others as admissible to the highest category of officers in the whole time employment of the Corporation.

(iii) Local allowances like city compensatory allowance, conveyance allowance, house rent allowance, joining time pay and traveling allowance bothe on transfer and while on duty, as admissible to the highest category of officers in the whole ime employment of the Corporation;

(iv) Medical facilities which shall not be inferior to those to which he would have been entitled but for his transfer on deputation to the Corporation.

(4) Leave shall be admissible in accordance with the leave rules applicable o the ser5vice to which he belongs in the case of officers drawn from other services and in other cases in accordance with the Food Corporation Regulations.

(5) The leave salary and pension contributions shall be paid by he Corporation to the Central or the State Government concerned at the rates in force from time to time . The Corporation shall also pay leave emoluments in respect of disability leave, if any.

(6) The term of office of the Secretary shall be five years from the date of his assumption of office as Secretary or upto his reaching the age of 60 years whichever is earlier or such term in the case of officers appointed from other services as may be prescribed in the deputation terms on foreign service.

(7) The outgoing Secretary shall be eligible for reappointment.

(8) In the event of the occurance of any vacancy in the office of Secretary by reason of his death, resignation, removal or otherwise, th Central Government may after consultation with the Coporation, appoint another person in his place and the person so appointed shall hold office for the remaining period of the term unless he is reappointed for another term.





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