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Bare acts > Food Corporations Rules, 1965
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Food Corporations Rules, 1965

1.Short title
3.Term of Office of Chairman, Managing Director and other Directors
4.Filling of Casual Vacancies among Directors
5.Remuneration of Chairman
5-A.Remuneration of Managing Director
6.Fees of Director
7.Traveling and Daily Allowances of Directors
9.Conveyance allowance payable to Director
9-A.Travelling and daily allowances payable to he members of an Advisory Committee
10.Appointment of officer and other employees
11.Method of appointments, conditions of service and scale of pay of Secretary
12.Fees of members
13.Travelling and daily allowances payable to members
14.Travelling and daily allowances of members, being whole-time officers of the Corporation or officers of Government
15.Conveyance allowance payable to members of Board of Management
16.Deposit in bank or investment in securities of surplus funds
17.Additional functions which the Corporation may perform
18.Securities upon which Corporation may lend or advance money
19.Annual statement of accounts and Balance Sheets
20.Investment of funds in shares an securities



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