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Bare acts > Extradition Act, 1962 > Section 10


*[10. Receipt in evidence of exhibits, depositions and other documents and authentication thereof.- (1) In any proceedings against a fugitive criminal of a foreign State under this Chapter, exhibits and depositions (whether received or taken in the presence of the person against whom they are used or not) and copies thereof and official certificates of facts and judicial documents stating facts may, if duly authenticated, be received as evidence.

(2) Warrants, depositions or statements on oath, which purport to have been issued or taken by any court of justice outside India or copies thereof, certificates of, or judicial documents stating the facts of, conviction before any such court shall be deemed to be duly authenticated if--

(a) the warrant purports to be signed by the State where the same was

a judge, magistrate or officer of issued or acting in or for such State.

(b) the depositions or statements or copies thereof purport to be certified, under the hand of a judge, magistrate or officer of the State or country where the same were taken, or acting in or for such State or country, to be the original depositions or statements or to be true copies thereof, as the case may require;

(c) the certificate of, or judicial document stating the fact of, a conviction purports to be certified by a judge, magistrate or officer of the State where the conviction took place or acting in or for such State;

(d) the warrants, depositions, statements, copies, certificates and judicial documents, as the case may be, are authenticated by the oath of some witness or by the official seal of a Minister of the State where the same were issued, taken or given

*[Modified by Act 66 of 1993]






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