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Bare acts > Explosives Rule, 1983
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RULEExplosives Rule, 1983
 CHAPTER I: Preliminary
1.Short title and commencement
3.Classification of explosives
4.Safety distance categories of explosives
 CHAPTER II: General Provisions
5.Prohibition of unauthorized explosives
6.Procedure for authorisation of explosives
7.Restriction on delivery and despatch of explosives
8.Packing of explosives
9.Marking of packages
10.Weight of explosives
11.Competent person to be in-charge of operations
12.Precautions to be observed in handling explosives
13.Restrictions on handling of explosives after sunset
14.Prohibition of smoking, fires, slights and dangerous substances
15.Prohibition of matches, etc.
16.Split explosive to be destroyed
17.Employment of children, intoxicated persons and certain other persons
18.Precautions against danger from water or exposure to the sun or heat
19.Special precautions against accident and the exclusion of unauthorized persons
20.Restriction on transport of certain types of explosives
 CHAPTER III: Import and Export
 PART I: General
21.Restriction on import or export
 PART II: Import or Export by Sea
22.Import or export by sea
23.Declaration by importer
24.Declaration by master of ship or by the ship's agents
25.Declaration by exporter or his agent
26.Sampling procedure from imported explosives
27.Despatch of samples to the testing officer
28.Testing of samples
29.Permission to land explosive
 PART III: Import or Export by Land
30Import or export by land
 PART IV: Import or Export by Air
31.Prohibition of certain explosives
 CHAPTER-IV: Transport
 PART –I:General
32.Licence for transport and issues of passes
33.Restrictions on transportation of different explosives in the same carriage
34.Certificate of safety
35.Transport in passenger carriages and vessels
36.Maximum consignments allowed
37.Despatch of explosives to carriers for transport
38.Place and time of loading and unloading
39.Carriage or vessel or aircraft to be in readiness for loading
40.Carriage or vessel or aircraft to be in-charge of a competent person
41.Protection from fire or explosion
42.Delay in transit to be avoided
43.Repairs to conveyance
44.Small quantities of fireworks exempted
45.Safety distances between carriages and boats
 PART-II: Transport by Water
46.Notice of loading on or unloading from ships
47.Steamer fires and lights
49.Conveyance of explosives on special trade passenger ships
50.Conveyance of explosives on passenger vessels
51.Anchorage of vessels carrying explosives
52.Red flag or warning light to be exhibited
53.Vessels to lie singly
54.Vessels not to lie alongside magazines, jetties, etc
55.Loading and unloading prohibited while a vessel is underway
56.Place of loading and unloading within port areas
57.Cushion to be used
58.Ships to handle explosives with despatch
59.Boats to be licensed
60.Buoy to be carried
61.Smoking, fire, dangerous articles and other cargo prohibited
 PART III: Transport by Rail
62.Rail vans to be approved
63.Making of railway carriage
64.Transport of explosives with ordinary goods
65.Position of railway carriages
66.Maximum quantity of explosives to be transported by rail
67.Prohibition on passenger or mixed trains
68.Despatch of explosives vans by mixed trains
69.Conveyance of explosives by passenger or mixed trains
70.Receipt of consignment of explosives by railways
72.Delivery to and from railway premises
73.Power of railway administration
74.Explosives not to be carried across railway bridges
 PART IV: Transport by Road
75.Streets, public places and other specified areas
76.Licence for road vans
77.Restriction on transport of explosives by vehicles other than road vans
78.Loading of explosives
79.Restrictions on use of towed vehicles
80.Carriage of explosives with other substances prohibited
81.Loading, unloading, maintenance and operation of road vans
82.Lighting of stationary vehicles
83.Wheel chocks
84.Vehicle on fire
85.Accident to the vehicle
86.Fire extinguishers to be provided
 CHAPTER V: Manufacture of Explosives
87.Licence for manufacture
88.No licence needed for manufacture in certain cases
89.Approval of manufacturing process
90.Restriction on unauthorized persons
91.Building to be used for specified purpose only
92.Interior of buildings to be suitable finished
93.Provision of mounds
94.Restriction of articles liable to spontaneous ignition
95.Use of special tools and implements
96.Particulars to be exhibited on process building
97.Prohibition of smoking
98.Protection against lightning
99.Suspension of work during thunderstorms
100.Removal of foreign matter from ingredients
101.Protection against fire
102.Removal of explosives and materials expeditiously
103.Repair to building
104.Employment of competent persons
105.Employment of young persons
106.Use of vehicles
107.Maintenance of buildings, plants and equipment
108.Facilities for testing
109.Disposal of waste explosives
110.Stoppage of manufacture of explosives
111.Exclusion from list of authorised explosives
112.Maintaining records
 CHAPTER VI: Possession, Sale and Use
 PART I: General
113.Licence for possession, sale and use
114.No licence needed for possession and sale in cert
115.Possession in the licensed premises only
116.Protection from lightning
117.Precautions during thunderstorm
118.Building to be kept clean
119.Maintenance of records
120.Repairing of licensed magazine or storehouse
121.Prevention of introduction of hazardous articles
122.Premises to be kept locked
123.Guards to be provided
124.Repacking or opening of packages
125.Explosives not to be kept in damaged boxes
126.Storage of explosives in excess of the licensed quality
127.Permit for temporary possession of manufacture excess of the licensed quantity
128.Quantity of explosives to be purchased in a given
 PART-II: Magazines
129.Storage in a magazine
130.Restriction on use of Mode "B" magazine
131.Mound of magazines
132.Magazine or storehouse to be at ground level
 PART- III: Storehouse
133.Restrictions on storage
134.Construction of storehouse
 PART IV: Possession of small arms nitro-compound or fire works And safety fuse for sale in form 24
135.Construction of premises
136.Special precautions to be observed for fireworks
137.Safety distances to be maintained
138.Sale of other articles prohibited
139.Explosives to be sold from licensed premises
140.Defacing of marking prohibited
141.Restriction on sale of explosives
142.Explosives not to be exposed for sale
143.Small packages to be clearly marked
 PART VI: Use of Explosives
144.Competent persons to be employed
145.Restrictions on preparation of charges
146.Restriction on conveyance of explosives to or at the blasting site
147.Explosives to be examined before use
148.Precautions to be observed at site
149.Suitable warning procedure to be maintained
150.Precautions to be observed while firing
151.Precaution against stays currents
152.Person in-charge to be responsible
153.Blasting operations in mines
 CHAPTER VII: Licences
154.Application for licence
155.Grant of licence
156.Procedure to be observed before a licence in Forms 20, 21 or 22 is granted
157.Procedure to be followed for grant of a licence in Form 22 to possess small quantity of explosives for own use
158.Procedure to be observed for grant of a shot-firer' s permit
159.Procedure on grant of No-Objection Certificate by the district authority
160.Refusal of No-Objection Certificate
161.Procedure on grant of a licence for a magazine, storehouse or to manufacture explosives
162.Procedure on grant of a licence to possess and sell explosives to transport explosives or to possess explosives for own use by cultivators or other persons
163.Particulars of licence
164.Amendment of licence
165.Renewal of licence
166.Refusal to amend or renew a licence
167.Suspension and revocation of licence
168.Procedure on expiration, suspension or revocation of licence
170.Procedure to be followed by the appellate authority
171.Procedure on death or disability of licensee
172.Loss of licence
173Production of licence or pass on demand
174.Executive control over authorities
175.Procedure for payment of fees
176.Fees other than licence fees
177.Licence fee
 CHAPTER IX: Power of Officers and Penalties
178.Dangerous practices
179.Powers of search and seizures
180.Power to destroy explosives and ingredients thereof
181.Procedure on reports of infringement
 CHAPTER X: Accidents and Enquiries
182.Notice of accident
183.Procedure at courts of inquiry
184.Inquiry into accident
185.Inquiry into more serious accidents
186.Repeal and savings

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