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Bare acts > Explosive Act, 1884 > Section 7


7. Power to make rules conferring powers of inspection, search, seizure, detention' and removal.-(1) The Central Government may make rules consistent with this Act authorising any officer either by name or in virtue of his office-

(a) To enter, inspect and examine any place, aircraft, carriage or vessel in which an explosive is being manufactured, possessed, used, sold, transported or imported under a licence granted under this Act, or in which he has reason to believe that an explosive has been or is manufactured, possessed, used, sold, transported, imported or exported, in contravention of this Act or of the rules made under this Act;

(b) To search for explosive therein;

(c) To take samples of any explosive found therein on payment of the value thereof; and ze, detain and remove any explosive or ingredient thereof found therein

(d) To seize and, if necessary, also destroy such explosive or ingredient.

(2) The provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (2 of 1974) relating to searches under that Code shall, so far as the same are applicable, apply to searches by officers authorized by rules this section.





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