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Bare acts > Explosive Act, 1884 > Section 5A


5-A. Persons, already in business in respect of certain explosives to carry on such business without licence for a certain period.- Notwithstanding anything in Section 5 or in the rules made thereunder where, immediately before the commencement of the Indian Explosives (Amendment) Act, 1978, any person was carrying on the business or manufacture, sale, transport, import or export of any explosive for which no licence was required under this Act before its amendment by the Indian Explosives (Amendment) Act, 1978, then, such person shall be entitled to continue to carry on such business without licence in respect of such explosive-

(a) For a period of three months from the date of such commencement; or

(b) If before the expiry of the said period of three months, such person has made an application for grant of licence under this Act for such licences in such explosive, until the final disposal of his application, whichever is later.





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