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Bare acts > Designs Rules, 2001 > Rule 3

3. Leaving and serving documents.- (1)Any application, notice or other document authorised or required to be filed, left, made or given at the Office, or to the Controller or to any other person under the Act or these rules, may be sent by hand or by a prepaid letter through the post or registered post or speed post or courier service, and, if sent by a prepaid letter or registered post or speed post or courier service, shall be deemed to have been filed, left, made or given at the time when the letter containing the same would be delivered in the ordinary course of mail ,and in proving such sending, it shall be sufficient to prove that the letter was properly addressed and mailed. If the documents sent through tele-fax/e-mail, are clear and fully legible, they shall also be accepted provided that original documents corresponding to the one sent by tele-fax/e-mail is submitted to the office within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the documents so faxed/e-mailed.

(2) Any written communication addressed to a registered proprietor of a design at his address as it appears on the Register of Designs, or at his address for service, or to any applicant or opponent in any proceedings under the Act or these rules, at the address appearing on the application or notice of opposition, or given for service, as hereinafter provided, shall be deemed to be properly addressed.

(3) Any application for registration of design, application for extension of copyright, petition for cancellation of registration of design and application for rectification of Register of Design along with the prescribed fees authorized or required may be filed, left, made or given to the branch offices also by the applicant.

(4) The branch offices shall transmit such applications or documents along with the fees to the Head Office of the Patent Office for processing and prosecuting the same.





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