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Bare acts > Designs Rules, 2001 > Rule 24

24. Restoration of Designs.- (1)An application for the restoration of a design under section 12 shall be made in Form - 4.

(2) Upon consideration of the application and the evidence adduced by the proprietor of the design, if any, if the Controller is satisfied that a prime facie case for the restoration of the design has not been made out he shall intimate the proprietor of the design accordingly, and unless within one month from the date of such intimation the proprietor requests to be heard in the matter, the Controller shall refuse the application.

(3) If the registered proprietor requests for hearing within the time allowed and the Controller after giving the register proprietor such a hearing, is prima facie satisfied that the failure to pay the fee for extension of copy right was unintentional, he shall allow the application for restoration.





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