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Bare acts > Designs Rules, 2001 > Rule 18

18. Objections.- (1) If on consideration of the report of the examiner on the application referred under sub-section (1) of section 5, any objection appear to the Controller is adverse to the applicant or requires any amendment of the application, a statement of such objections shall be sent to the applicant or his agent in writing, and unless within three months from the date of official communication of objection the applicant or his agent removes the objection or applies for hearing, the applicant shall be deemed to have withdrawn his application:

Provided that the period for removal of the objection shall not exceed the time period of six months from the date of filing of the application.

(2) If the applicant or his agent applies for a hearing under sub-rule (1) within a period of three month from the date of communication of the statement of objections or if the Controller considers it desirable to do so, whether or not the applicant has refiled his application, fix a date for hearing having regard to the time remaining for completion of the application as provided under rule 21.

(3) When a hearing has been fixed under sub-rule (2) the applicant shall be given at least 10 days notice of such fixation or such shorter notice as appear to the Controller to be reasonable in the circumstances of the case and applicant shall as soon as possible notify the Controller whether he shall attend the hearing.

(4) Hearing, as required under sub-rules (1), (2) and (3) may be allowed whenever possible on phone followed by detailed submission on tele-fax/e-mail.

(5) After hearing the applicant or without a hearing if the applicant has not attended or has notified that he does not desire to be heard, the Controller may register or refuse to register the design as he thinks fit.





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