Consumer Protection (Second Amendment) Rules, 2006Consumer Protection (Second Amendment) Rules, 2006Consumer Protection (Second Amendment) Rules, 2006 


Consumer Protection (Second Amendment) Rules, 2006- Index



Consumer Protection (Second Amendment) Rules, 2006

1.Short title, extent and commencement
2A.State Governments to recognise a laboratory as an appropriate Laboratory
3.The Constitution of the Central Consumer Protection Council and the Working Groups
4.Procedure of the Central Council
5.Place of the National Commission
6.Working days and office hours of the National Commission
7.Seal and emblem
8.Sitting of the National Commission
9.Staff of the National Commission
9A.Fee for making complaints before District Forum
10.Additional powers of the National Commission, State Commission and District Forum
10A.Credit of the fine into the Consumer Welfare Fund when consumers are not identified conveniently
10B.Number of Members in the National Commission
11.Salaries, honorarium and other allowances of the President and Members of the National Commission
12.Terms and conditions of service of the President and mem¬bers of the National Commission
12A.Procedure for selection of members
13.Removal of President or members from office in certain circumstances
14.Procedure to be followed by the National Commission
14A.Appeals before National Commission
15.Procedure for hearing the appeal
15A.Sitting of the National Commission and signing of orders
16.Manner of deposit of amount in appeals before Supreme Court


Consumer Protection (Second Amendment) Rules, 2006





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