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Bare acts > Companies Act, 1956 > Section 627


627. Production and inspection of books where offence suspected.— (1) If, on an application made to a Judge of a High Court in chambers or Tribunal, as the case may be, by the Public Prosecutor of the State or by the Central Government, or by a company prosecutor appointed under section 624A, it is shown that there is reasonable cause to believe that any person has, while, he was an officer of a company, committed an offence in connection with the management of the company’s affairs, and that evidence of the commission of the offence is to be found in any books or papers of or under the control of the company, an order may be made—

(i) authorising any person named therein to inspect the said books or papers or any of them for the purpose of investigating, and obtaining evidence of the commission of, the offence; or’

(ii) requiring the manager of the company or such other officer thereof as may be named in the order, to produce the said books or papers or any of them to a person, and at a place and time, named in the order.

(2) Sub-section (1) shall, apply also in relation to any books or papers of a person carrying on the business of banking so far as they relate to the company’s affairs, as it applies to any books or papers of or under the control of the company, except that no such order as is referred to in clause (ii) thereof shall be made by virtue of this sub-section.

(3) No appeal shall lie from the decision of a Judge of the High Court or Tribunal, as the case may be, under this section.





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