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Bare acts > Companies Act, 1956 > Section 609


609. Registration offices.—(1) For the purposes of the registration of companies under this Act, there shall be offices at such places as the Central Government thinks fit.

(2) The Central Government may appoint such Registrars, and such Additional, Joint, Deputy and Assistant Registrars as it thinks necessary for the registration of companies under this Act, and may make regulations with respect to their duties.

(3) The salaries of the persons appointed under this section shall be fixed by the Central Government.

(4) The Central Government may direct a seal or seals to be prepared for the authentication of documents required for, or connected with, the registration of companies.

(5) Whenever any act is by this Act directed to be done to or by the Registrar, it shall, until the Central Government otherwise directs, be done to or by the existing Registrar of companies or joint stock companies, or in his absence, to or by such person as the Central Government may for the time being authorise:

Provided that in the event of the Central Government altering the constitution of the existing registry offices or any of them, any such act shall be done to or by such officer and at such place, with reference to the local situation of the registered offices of the companies concerned, as the Central Government may appoint.





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