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Bare acts > Companies Act, 1956 > Section 123


123. Payments of certain debts out of assets subject to floating charge in priority to claims under the charge.—
(1) Where either—

(a) a receiver is appointed on behalf of the holders of any debentures of a company secured by a floating charge, or

(b) possession is taken by or on behalf of those debenture-holders of any property comprised in or subject to the charge,

then, if the company is not at the time in course of being wound up, the debts which in every winding up are, under the provisions of Part VII relating to preferential payments, to be paid in priority to all other debts, shall be paid forthwith out of any assets coming to the hands of the receiver or other person taking possession as aforesaid in priority to any claim for principal or interest in respect of the debentures.

(2) In the application of the provisions aforesaid, section 530 shall be construed as if the provision for payment of accrued holiday remuneration becoming payable on the termination of employment before or by the effect of the winding up order or resolution were a provision for payment of such remuneration becoming payable on the termination of employment before or by the effect of the appointment of the receiver or possession being taken as aforesaid.

(3) The periods of time mentioned in the said provisions of Part VII shall be reckoned from the date of appointment of the receiver or of possession being taken as aforesaid, as the case may be.

(4) Where the date referred to in sub-section (3) occurred before the commencement of this Act, sub-sections (1) and (3) shall have effect with the substitution, for reference to the said provisions of Part VII, of references to the provisions which, by virtue of sub-section (9) of section 530, are deemed to remain in force in the case therein mentioned, and subsection (2) shall not apply.

(5) Any payments made under this section shall be recouped, as far as may be, out of the assets of the company available for payment of general creditors.






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