Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987 


Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987- Index



Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987

1.Short title, extent and commencement
3.Attempt to commit sati
4.Abetment of sati
5.Punishment for glorification of sati
6.Power to prohibit certain acts
7.Power to remove certain temples or other structures
8.Power to seize certain properties
9.Trial of offences under this Act
10.Special Public Prosecutions
11.Procedure and powers of Special Courts
12.Power of Special Court with respect to other offences
13.Forfeiture of funds or property
15.Protection of action taken under this Act
16.Burden of proof
17.Obligation of certain persons to report about the commission of offence under this Act
18.Person convicted of an offence under Sec. 4 to be disqualified form inheriting certain properties
19.Amendment of Act 43 of 1951
20.Act to have overriding effectAct to have overriding effect
21.Power to make rules
22.Repeal of existing laws


Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987





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