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Bare acts > Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 > Order 6 Rule 14


14. Pleading to be signed.- Every pleading shall be signed by the party and his pleader (if any):

Provided that where a party pleading is, by reason of absence or for other good cause, unable to sign the pleading, it may be signed by any person duly authorized by him to sign the same or to sue or defend on his behalf.


Karnataka.- Renumber existing Rule 14 as Rule 14 (2) and insert the following as sub-rule (1) to Rule 14:

“(1) Every pleading shall contain the party’s full address for service, that is to say, full address of his place of residence as well as place of business, if any, in addition to his pleader’s address for service as required by Rule 32 of Order V of this Code. Such address for service finished by the party, unless a change therein has been notified to the Court by filing a memorandum to that effect, shall be presumed to be his correct address for service for purposes of suit, any appeal or revision or other proceeding directed against the decree or order passed in that suit. When a memorandum of change of address is filed by any party, a note to that effect shall be made in the cause title of the pleading and if the pleading happens to be the written statement also in the cause title of the plaint.” (30.3.1967).





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