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Bare acts > Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 > Order 20 Rule 6 A


6A. Preparation of decree.- (1) Every endeavour shall be made to ensure that the decree is drawn up as expeditiously as possible and, in any case, within fifteen days from the date on which the judgment is pronounced.

(2) An appeal may be preferred against the decree without filing a copy of the decree and in such a case the copy made available to the party by the court shall for the purposes of rule 1 of Order XLI be treated as the decree. But as soon as the decree is drawn, the judgment shall cease to have the effect of a decree for the purposes of execution or for any other purpose.


Kerala.- In sub-rule (2) of Rule 6-A of Order 20, for the words “the reasons for the delay” the following shall be substituted, namely:—

“The reasons for the delay and the valuation of the suit or proceeding and the Court fee paid thereon”. (9.2.1988).





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