5-E. Suspension and revocation of certificate.- (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub section (2) of Section 6,the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, suspend a certificate granted under this Part, for such period as it thinks fit or may revoke such certificate if it is satisfied that-

(i) The film in respect of which the certificate was granted, was being exhibited in a form other than the one in which it was certified , or

(ii) The film or any part thereof it being exhibited in contravention of the provisions of this part rules made there under.

(2) Where a notification under sub-section (1) has been published, the Central Government may require the applicant for certificate or any other person to whom the rights in the film have passed, or both, to deliver up the certificate and all duplicate certificates, if any, granted in respect of the film to the Board or to any person or authority specified in the said notification.

(3) No action under this section shall be taken except after giving an opportunity to the person concerned for representing his views in the matter.

(4) During the period in which a certificate remains suspended under this section, the film shall be deemed to be an uncertified film.


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