4. Examination of films. – (1) Any person desiring to exhibit any film shall in the prescribed manner make an application to the Board for ac certificate in respect thereof, and the Board may, after examining or having the film examined in the prescribed manner-

(i) Sanction the film for unrestricted public exhibition.

PROVIDED that, having regard to any material in the film, if the Board is of the opinion that it is necessary to caution that the question as to whether any child below the age of twelve years may be allowed to see such a film should be considered by the parents or guardian of such child, the Board may sanction the film for unrestricted public exhibition with an endorsement to that effect or;

(ii) Sanction the film for public exhibition restricted to adults, or

(iia) sanction the film for public exhibition restricted to members of any profession or any class of persons, having regard to the nature, content and theme of the film; or;;

(iii) direct the applicant to carry out such excisions or modifications in the film as it thinks necessary before sanctioning the film for public exhibition under any of the foregoing clauses; or

(iv)Refuse to sanction the film for public exhibition.

(2) No action under [the proviso to clause (I), clause (ii), clause (iia), clause (iii) or clause (iv) (of sub section (1) shall be taken by the Board except after giving an opportunity to the applicant for representing his views in the matter.


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