48. Circumstances under which chits may be wound up.- A chit may be wound up by the Registrar within whose territorial jurisdiction the chit has been registered wither on his own motion or on an application made by any non-prized or unpaid prized subscriber,-

(a) if the chit has terminated under clause (c) of section 40; or

(b) if the foreman commits any such act in respect of the security specified in section 20 as is calculated to impair materially the nature of the security or the value thereof; or

(c) if he fails to deposit any amount required to be deposited under any of the provisions of this act; or

(d) if it is proved to the satisfaction of the Registrar that the foreman is unable to pay the amounts due to the subscribers; or

(e) if the execution or other process issued on an order passed by the Registrar in favour of any subscriber in respect of amounts due to him from the foreman in relation to the chit business is returned unsatisfied in whole or in part; or

(f) if it is proved that there has been a fraud or collusion on the part of the foreman in the matter of taking securities from any prized subscriber; or

(g) if the foreman has appropriated the prize amount in his capacity as a subscriber without furnishing sufficient security for future subscriptions; or

(h) if the Registrar is satisfied that the affairs of the chit are being conducted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the subscribers; or

(i) if it is just and equitable that the chit should be wound up.

Explanation- For the purposes of clause(d) in determining whether the foreman is unable to pay the amounts due to the subscribers, the Registrar shall take into account his contingent and future liabilities in respect of the chit.


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