46. Inspection of chit books and records by Registrar.- (1) Without prejudice to the provisions of sections 209 and 209A of the Companies Act, 1956 (1 of 1956), the Registrar or an officer authorised by the State Government in this behalf may inspect chit books and all the records of a chit during working hours on any working day at the premises of the foreman with or without giving notice and it shall be the duty of every foreman to produce to the Registrar or the officer so authorised, all such books and records as are in his custody or power and to furnish him with any statement or information relating to the chits as he may require from the foreman within such time as he may specify.

(2) The Registrar or an officer authorised by the State Government in this behalf may, after giving seven days' notice in writing to the foreman, direct him to produce before him for inspection such chit books and records as he may require at the time and place mentioned in the notice.

(3) If on an inspection made under sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) any defects are found, the Registrar may bring such defects to the notice of the foreman and may also make an order directing the foreman to take such action as may be specified in the order to remedy the defects within the time specified therein.

(4) Every foreman shall be bound to comply with the directions contained in an order made under sub-section (3).


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