42. Refund of non-prized subscribers subscriptions.- Except in the cases referred to in clauses (a) and (b) of section 40,-

(a) every non-prized subscriber, shall, unless otherwise provided for in this Act or in the chit agreement, be entitled to get back his subscriptions at the termination of the chit without any deduction for dividend if any earned by him:

Provided that, any person to whom the rights of a non-prized subscriber are transferred in accordance with the provisions of section 35, shall, in addition to his subscriptions, be entitled to get back the subscriptions paid by such non-prized subscriber, subject, to the conditions specified in this section;

(b) if a chit terminates on a date earlier than the date originally fixed in the hit agreement the non-prized subscriber's claim shall be deemed to have arisen on the date on which he has notice thereof.


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