11. Use of the words chit, chit fund, chitty or kuri.- (1) No person shall carry on chit business unless he uses as part of his name any of the words "chit fund", "chitty" or "Kuri" and no person other than a person carrying on chit business shall use as part of his name any such word.

(2) Where at the commencement of this Act,-

(a) any person is carrying on chit business without using as part of his name any of the words specified in sub-section (1); or

(b) any person not carrying on chit business is using any such word as part of his name, he shall, within a period of one year from such commencement, add as part of his name any such word or, as the case may be, delete such word from his name:

Provided that the State Government may, if it considers it necessary in the public interest or for avoiding any hardship, extend the said period of one year by such further period or periods not exceeding one year in the aggregate.


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