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53. Appointment of officers.- (1) The Administrator may appoint as many probation officers, officers for the inspection of special schools, children's homes, observation homes or after-care organisations and such other officers as he may deem necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Act.

(2) It shall be the duty of the probation officer-

(a) to inquire in accordance with the direction of a competent authority, into the antecedents and family history of any child accused of an offence, with a view to assist the authority in making the inquiry;

(b) to visit neglected and delinquent children at such intervals as the probation officer may think fit;

(c) to report to the competent authority as to the behaviour of any neglected or delinquent child;

(d) to advise and, assist neglected or delinquent children and, if necessary, endeavour to find them suitable employment;

(e) where a neglected or delinquent child is placed under the care of any person on certain conditions, to see whether such conditions are being complied with; and

(f) to perform such other duties as may be prescribed.

(3) Any officer empowered in this behalf by the Administrator may enter any special school, children’s home, observation home, or after-care organisation and make a complete inspection thereof in all its departments and of all papers, registers and accounts relating thereto and shall submit the report of such inspection to the Administrator.





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