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33. Circumstances to be taken into consideration in making orders under the Act.- In making any order in respect of a child under this Act, a competent authority shall take into consideration the following circumstances, namely :-

(a) the age of the child;

(b) the circumstances in which the child is living;

(c) the reports made by the probation officer;

(d) the religious persuasion of the child;

(e) such other circumstances as may, in the opinion of the competent authority, require to be taken into consideration in the interests of the child:

Provided that in the case of a delinquent child, the above circumstances shall be taken into consideration after the children’s court has recorded a finding against the child that he has committed the offence :

Provided further that if no report of the probation officer is received within ten weeks of his being informed under section 19, it shall be open to the children's court to proceed without it.





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